Thank you for 10 great years!

I want to thank each and every customer, every person who tried a demo even if they never purchased, and even the more critical members of the SL community. It's because of all of you that I have been able to grow as a designer and also as a person.

Alice Project has been open for 10 year this February. After considering where I'd like to go creatively, I've decided to put AP into a "twilight phase."

Alice Project is not closing, but activity will be limited and releases will be done on a more relaxed schedule. Hopefully it will become the personal art project it once was. It was really fun pushing boundaries and creating new ideas that impacted the grid - even as a small, lesser known store.

What Comes Next

Over the last year, I've been working on a couple new projects, one that is still based in SL. I still enjoy creating in SL and that won't be going away, but I'll be creating a new brand to better suit the needs of my customers, take advantage of new technologies in SL, and to be able to grow beyond the limitations I had as Alice Project. To me, it just felt like it was time.

If you'd like to follow my new adventures, please use the sign up form above to join the new update list. I will be announcing information there throughout the transition. I'll still be primarily creating hair, just a lot has evolved.

The Future of the VIP Group

As a thank you to all group members and to celebrate the birthday month for Alice Project, you can visit the Customer Service kiosk at the mainstore to redeem a store credit of L$1,500. You can use this on products currently in store or hold on to it for future event releases. Alice Project is scheduled for 3 events in February and likely more in March.

Since I won't be releasing as often, I'll be lowering the group fee to L$250 in March. During February, the fee will be L$500. The L$1,500 credit will only be available during February.

All previously released VIP content will still remain available in world to all group members.

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